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Message From Dr. Glass

Welcome! I am a body language expert and the author of books including my best sellers Toxic People,  Body Language Advantage, and The Body Language of Liars.   You may have read my body language analysis about newsmakers in various publications or on the web.You may have  even seen me on several television shows giving my insight as to what is really going on behind the headlines with a specific celebrity or politician based on how they present themselves.                                

Now I am here to offer you the same insight I provide to the media.  I will analyze your photos and videos and provide you with an in depth analysis of the appearance of these photos and videos by analyzing  verbal - (voice and speech ) and nonverbal communication  (body language and facial expression) being transmitted by you, your family, loved ones, friends, business colleagues, or even your  personal realtionships.

Just email your photos and videos to and I will give you my personal and confidential feedback.  


Body Language Voice, Speech Analysis

Studies have shown that both your verbal and nonverbal communication can reveal a great deal about you from your personality, to your emotional state, to your level of  self confidence. In order to gain that added advantage in your personal or professional life, you need to know how you come across to others.

Photo and Video Analysis                       

A photo or video of you alone can provide a great deal of information about you and your personality. A photo or video of you with a spouse, lover, family member,child, friend, or business associate can provide additonal information such as to how they really feel about you and vice versa.Their facial expression, head placement, posture, where their body is located in realtion to yours, arm and hand movements, tone of voice, muscle tension, and event the way their feet are positioned can speak volumes about your relationship. 



"Dr. Glass' analyses are always spot on when she does her body language of analysis of celebrities for our website at"            Chloe Melas, Senior Reporter

Dr. Glass gave me a lot of insight into my relationship that I never had before! She is awesome! Kelly B.